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Beverley Stevens - Doha British School Wakra


Beverley Stevens

Vice Principal

Welcome to Doha British School Wakra.

DBS Wakra is a unique school with a special ethos: We see the potential in all of our children and we ensure that we cultivate and explore these innate talents and abilities through a dynamic balance of fun, academic rigor and discipline. This approach allows all of our children to make excellent progress and to achieve their full potential.

Doha British School Wakra (DBS) is an outstanding school with many significant strengths. BSO 2017

At DBS Wakra, learning is, intensive, motivating and engaging. Learning is not confined to the classroom but is accessible all day, every day and we pride ourselves on developing the academic knowledge, interests and social awareness of our children in order that they can make a positive difference to their school, local community and ultimately the wider community. A range of after school activities and clubs extends the curriculum to ensure all interests are catered for.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the students is a strength. BSO 2015

DBS Wakra is an innovative and forward thinking school. Most importantly, it is a happy school with a great spirit and a sense that anything and everything is possible.

The new Wakra Primary School has encouraged some excellent innovation in curriculum development and effective assessment strategies. BSO 2015

We have a very experienced, talented and motivated staff who ensures that every child has the opportunity to excel in all areas of the curriculum. We are successful in offering a first class education, but above all we are a school where learning comes first and where children learn how to learn rather than what to learn.

The overall standard of students’ achievement is often above the UK average and developing in-line with the performance of high achieving international schools. BSO 2015

It is not possible for a written text to reflect the quality of life in our school. Our website provides you with just a flavour of the extraordinary number of opportunities here, both within our taught curriculum and beyond Many visitors comment on the friendliness of people at DBS Wakra, the politeness of our students and on the relaxed and yet purposeful relationships which exist between staff and pupils.

We aim for all of our children to leave with self-confidence, the ability to problem-solve, an awareness of their own feelings and those of others, and enough self-control and self-discipline to manage effectively the often turbulent years of life after school.

It is only by coming to visit us that you will truly be able to grasp the positive and energetic learning community that we offer. I look forward to welcoming you and showing you our school in action.


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