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Extra Curricular Activities


At Doha British School Wakra we look to develop students both inside and outside the classroom. Taking part in Extra-Curricular Activities not only allows students to explore an interest but also allows them to make a meaningful contribution to something, maintain a long-term commitment and manage time and priorities. We offer a broad range of activities providing something for all students.

In DBS Wakra we run a very extensive Extra-Curricular Programme which offers competitive and non-competitive activities. These range from football and to computer club.

Our students are offered the choice of a wide selection of extra-curricular activities which reflect the school's passion for sport and the creative arts. In addition, participation in the Qatar Foundation : Imagination Destinations offers our students international competition and collaboration.

The following is an example of the type of activities offered at DBS Wakra:

Activities Sports Activities Other Activities
Art Club Basketball Destination Imagination
Board Games Cross Country Spanish
Choir Football Arabic
Computing Badminton French
Construction Club Singing Gardening
Musical Theatre   Languages Club
Drama Netball Book Club
Piano Rugby Science Club

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