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Doha British School promotes a ‘no tears before bedtime’ policy. To this end we would like to introduce our homework activities or Learning Logs, as a purposeful and enjoyable way of working at home.

Learning Log activities are designed to:

  • Consolidate learning that has taken place in school or
  • Pre-learn or practice knowledge and skills that will be taught in school
  • Develop skills in speaking and listening, collaboration, research and creativity.

Learning log activities are designed by class teachers and are linked to topics and learning taking place in school this half term. KS1 children should choose 1 activity per week and KS2 children should choose 2 activities. This is a minimum requirement and pupils may wish to do more than this. These activities should be completed in the Learning Log book and brought back to school on the specified day. Pupils will be asked to share their work with the rest of the class and talk about the task they have completed. For practical tasks you may wish to include photographs or a note to explain which task was done.

You can support your child with their Learning Log by:

  • Talking about the activities on offer and helping your child to make a choice
  • Supporting them in organizing and presenting their work BUT do not do the work for them –work must be the children’s own
  • Guide your child to choose from a selection of subjects – at least one activity from each box
  • Make Learning Log time an enjoyable one.
Homework KS1 (Year 1 and 2) KS2 (Year 3,4,5,6)
Learning Log 1 per week min 2 per week min
Reading Daily Daily
Spelling and Times Tables Daily Daily
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