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Letters to Parents





Dear parents


We are proud to announce that Science Week will be 22nd January – 26th January. This letter gives you details of our science week activities that will be taking place throughout the school.


The aim of science week is to raise the profile of Science in the school and to help foster an enjoyment of scientific thinking and investigating as well as preparing children for their future lives. Classes will be taking part in a variety of scientific activities based around the theme of ‘change’ throughout the week.


We are very excited because two organisations will be coming in during this time to run activities with the children as well as the class teachers. Mad Science will be visiting on 22nd and 23rd January and SKY Dome will also be visiting on 24th and 25th January. This year Mad Science will carry out a whole school assembly and then activities with Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Sky Dome will carry out activities which are better suited and more appropriate for Key Stage 2.


As with all exciting weeks like this there are costs. Each child will need to pay 45QR to cover the cost of the visiting organisations.


This is going to be a very exciting week which I hope the children will enjoy. Please send the money to the finance department in a clearly labelled envelope.


Thank you

Miss Victoria Rose

Head of Science