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Year 1 to Year 6


Doha British School Wakra follows a modified version of the National Curriculum of England 2014.

Core subjects, English and Mathematics, are followed as directed by the National Curriculum and are taught on a daily basis as separate subjects. Science, another core subject, is taught as both a discrete subject and as part of the Creative Curriculum.

The Creative Curriculum includes the teaching of all other subjects, as outlined in the National Curriculum, through a topic based curriculum that enables our children to link subjects and ideas together to make sense of their learning and the world around them.

As an International school we are very proud of our host country, its values and history. We adapt our history teaching to include Qatar History from Year 1 to 6 and this provides us with many opportunities for wonderful local history studies. Qatar history is taught alongside history topics taken from the National Curriculum.

Arabic, including Islamic Studies, or Spanish is also taught from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 6.

In addition to the National Curriculum 2014 at DBS we also include aspects of personal and emotional learning, the content of which includes the teaching of a range of values and skills that help to create a culture of success and harmony by teaching sensitivity to the needs of others alongside self-awareness and self-confidence, children learn how to behave as members of a purposeful community. These skills and attributes are delivered through weekly assemblies, class time and circle time.

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